Lumen Christi Catholic Multi Academy




Access Control Policy

Allegations of Abuse Against Staff

Anti-Fraud Policy

Behaviour Principles

Bereavement Policy

Best Value Statement

Capital/Reserves Policy

Carers Policy

Charging & Remissions Policy

Collecting Children from School Policy

Complaints Policy

Conflict of Interests Policy

Data Protection

Educational Visits Framework

Equality Statement & Objectives

Expenses Policy

Fixed Asset & Depreciation Policy

Gift & Hospitality Policy

Health & Safety Framework

Infection Control Policy

Information Security Policy

IR35 Policy

Lone Working Policy

Low Level Concerns

Menopause Policy

Minibus Policy

No Platform for Extremism 

Relationships, Sex & Health Education (RSHE) Policy

Principals' Delegation Statement 

Procurement & Tendering Policy

Risk Management

Remuneration Policy

Safer Recruitment Policy

Safeguarding Policy - This is the most recent, overarching  statement of policy ratified by the Board of Directors.  All schools in Lumen Christi are requested to keep their local safeguarding policy and procedures updated dynamically and in accordance with directives issued from the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Partnership, therefore always refer to the the individual school website for details on local procedures and Safeguarding Lead contact details

PLEASE NOTE: Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 was replaced in December 2023.  All references to the document in our policies now should be read in line with the new guidance which can be downloaded here

Safeguarding Supervision Policy

School Income Debt Policy

School Income Debt Write-off Policy

Shared Services Statement

Special Educational Needs Framework

Statement on Executive Pay

Whistleblowing Policy

Whistleblowing Policy (Exams)

Visitor Code of Conduct


  • St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

  • St Columba’s
    Catholic Primary School

  • St James’
    Catholic Primary School

  • St Brigid’s
    Catholic Primary School

  • St Paul’s
    Catholic Primary School

  • St Thomas Aquinas
    Catholic School

  • St Thomas More
    Catholic Primary School

  • St John Fisher
    Catholic Primary School