Lumen Christi Catholic Multi Academy

Our Strategic Vision

Lumen Christi Multi Academy, one secondary and five primary schools was formed in April 2015. Our journey since conversion has been one of collegiate alignment built on a foundation of increasing trust. Lumen Christi then became the sponsor academy for an additional primary school and was also joined by a further primary in February 2021. In terms of Ofsted ratings, five schools are currently judged to be Good and our sponsored school remains inadequate (inspection pending since conversion) . One remaining primary school currently rated Outstanding has yet to be inspected as an academy. All schools are rated as Good or Outstanding in Section 48 inspections; two were inspected during 2019 and retained their previous judgements and a further school, previously Good was judged as Outstanding in all areas.

The work of Lumen Christi is driven by the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors and delivered by the CSEL and central team. The Principals’ Committee, which operates as a subcommittee of the Board of Directors, provides the ‘powerhouse’ of curriculum innovation and school improvement. There is a developing acceptance of joint responsibility for standards and practice alignment across all schools. Leaders are supported through rigorous challenge against improvement plans and regular data monitoring. Through a consistent approach to high-quality practice in line with the scheme of delegation, and performance management of senior leaders, we endeavour to ensure staff feel valued and supported.

The Board of Directors, and its sub committees hold the central team and the Principals to account, through the CSEL, for the execution of the vision. The Principals are also held to account by their own School Standards Committee.   Lumen Christi has developed increasingly strong joint-practice informed by regular Principals’ planning, cross-school and cross-phase working, joint INSET days as well as staff and student events. We are planning to further develop our practice in recruitment, succession planning, talent management and also an enriching curriculum for transition.

Strategic Vision 2021-2024

An ambitious and thriving partnership of inclusive Catholic schools, serving our communities…

  • As beacons of Gospel values, we accept co-responsibility within our schools and across our parishes, giving witness by our actions and communications.
  • Successful growth and wider collaborations secure our future.
  • Engagement in local and national partnerships and initiatives increases both our profile and our opportunities.

…providing an exceptional experience in education ..

  1. Continuous improvements in learning, teaching and enrichment encourage aspirational academic and life outcomes for pupils and innovative professional development for staff.
  2. Excellent support services enable our schools to focus on teaching and learning.
  1. Our safe and stimulating environments support high quality learning, personal development and the well-being of pupils, students and staff alike.

 …for the holistic formation of our children and young people aged 3 to 19.

  1. Families choose to make a lifelong commitment to Lumen Christi and Catholic education.
  2. God’s call to compassion and love of neighbour frames our drive to protect, safeguard and improve the life chances of our children and families.
  3. Sharing God’s love, we work to transform and enrich lives through the Light of Christ and the mission of the Church. We celebrate diversity and strive for genuine equality of opportunity for all as children of God.
  • St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

  • St Columba’s
    Catholic Primary School

  • St James’
    Catholic Primary School

  • St Brigid’s
    Catholic Primary School

  • St Paul’s
    Catholic Primary School

  • St Thomas Aquinas
    Catholic School

  • St Thomas More
    Catholic Primary School

  • St John Fisher
    Catholic Primary School