Lumen Christi Catholic Multi Academy

Principal Business Manager Vacancy

The Board of Directors of Lumen Christi Catholic Multi Academy are seeking to appoint a proven, operationally-focused professional to lead and develop the corporate business functions of our growing organisation.

Lumen Christi is a Catholic multi-academy company based primarily in south-west Birmingham, currently comprising six primary and one large secondary school.  Due to our on-going expansion and continued drive towards centralisation of business functions within the Shared Services team serving our schools, we would like to appoint an experienced strategic thinker to work with the Catholic Senior Executive Lead, leading and managing the non-academic aspects of our work.

It is a requirement that the position will also incorporate the role of ‘Chief Financial Officer’ for Lumen Christi, taking responsibility for ensuring financial compliance with statutory and legal requirements, as well as being responsible for financial management and reporting on all business matters to the Board of Directors.

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  • St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

  • St Columba’s
    Catholic Primary School

  • St James’
    Catholic Primary School

  • St Brigid’s
    Catholic Primary School

  • St Paul’s
    Catholic Primary School

  • St Thomas Aquinas
    Catholic School

  • St Thomas More
    Catholic Primary School

  • St John Fisher
    Catholic Primary School